First Day of School…In My 50’s!

This is going to be just a quick post as TOMORROW is my first day of school!!

I am very excited and I have some crazy butterflies in my stomach as I write this. But I am seriously grinning ear-to-ear. When I wake up tomorrow…this is it…this is when the rubber hits the road.

Wow! I already thought this was REAL!

Today was a very busy day putting all my outdoor gear and clothing into this very large duffle bag. I thought it would only take an hour to get it ready but I soon realized I still had tags on a bunch of things, I needed to decide which clothes I would take, and my gear was spread around my new apartment in different boxes. Not to mention, I hadn’t even stuffed my sleeping bag back into it’s bag yet.

The duffel bag is stuffed and IT IS HEAVY!! I could barely lift it off the couch the first try. Yikes! I have to carry it myself onto the bus to outdoor camp due to Covid-19 safety measures. YESSSS!! Our first day, and first week of school we are camping! But first, I have to get this sucker into my car in the morning.

I bet you’re wondering what is in this bag. Well, one thing is my very first backpacking tent: MSR Hubba Hubba NX. I have had several car camping tents in the past, like the ones I used doing my solo trip across Canada, but this tent weighs less than 4 pounds! I’m embarrassed to admit this but I only realized tonight that I had not yet put up my new tent. It’s just been that busy…I always thought I would get to it. I couldn’t go to my first day of school/camp fumbling around with doohickeys…soooooo, this happened:

Yes, that’s right, I had to set it up in my kitchen. (How many of you have done this? Fun, but not as fun as making tents with blankets, couch cushions and a kitchen table!) This tent was incredibly easy to put up with the unified hub and pole system. However, the fly was a mystery and I swirled it this way and that until YouTube helped me solve it.

Well, I need to get to bed folks. I have a bus to catch in the morning!!

Inside my tent…inside my kitchen…practicing my camp look šŸ™‚

Published by Kelly N

After quitting my job and selling my house and all my stuff, I did a solo car camping adventure across Western Canada in 2017-2018. I was in my early 50s. Now I am embarking on a new adventure with a major career change...after working my whole life in accounting, I will be a student in an Outdoor Adventure program in Canada this September!!! I am psyched for this new leap into the unknown! I am looking forward to sharing stories of both my adventures and my hope is to inspire you to take those leaps into the unknown you've always wanted!

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